You're So Obtuse Tee

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You’re So Obtuse Shirt

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Equilateral triangle is so cocky. He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, simple because all of his sides are of equal length? That’s no reason to judge any other triangles. Look at how his words affect the obtuse triangle. What a stinging and vindictive thing to say to a personified polygon. There’s nothing obtuse triangle can do about it; he was born this way. It’s okay, obtuse triangle. Everyone knows it’s perfectly acceptable to not be completely symmetrical. After all, nobody is perfect. Besides, equilateral triangle isn’t always symmetrical either, since as soon as he talks, his face is on one side.

Your kid likes math, right? Logic dictates that he or she must be in dire need of a new shirt. I think this shirt’s design has a certain poetic justice to it, on the concept of personified symmetry, so I’d recommend it to any young mathematician or future engineer. The joke itself is pretty funny at face value, and it shows off your kid’s nerdy side, so we’re hitting all the marks so far. Throw in the fact that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to pick this one up.

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