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Zelda Wall Print

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Here, take this! And just like that an entire generation was launched into one of the finest franchises ever created by Nintendo, Zelda. Also, they were just given a sword by some sketchy old guy hanging out in a cave. Seems odd in retrospect. Spice up your child’s room with this simplistic yet stylish poster that harkens back to the olden days of video gaming.

Your smart little video gamers in training will quickly recognize the unmistakable garb of the boy wonder, Link, but will have little inkling where the catchy phrase at the bottom of the poster comes from. Seize the opportunity to dust off your old game and educate your children on how a legend began. It is also your duty, as responsible nerd parents, to force them to play through the game and not simply brush it off because the graphics are overly pixelated and extremely outdated.

A good game is not determined by how pretty it is. Hopefully this will prepare them for high school and the horrors that await the dating game of adolescence. The print comes as a standalone poster, but can also be framed or, for even more style points, stretched onto a canvas.

For something extra, we decided to throw in a video to a Legend of Zelda commerical for the NES. Octorocks? Where?

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