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Zero Blaster Smoke Ring Launcher

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One of the biggest problems with using any blaster or play gun as a kid is the lack of ammo. Foam bullets are hard to collect and keep track of, and you have to pick them back up to reuse them, which is inconvenient. Disc-based ammunition suffers a similar fate. Laser tag can often be expensive, and is occasionally unreliable, since it’s electronic. Many kids turn to water guns, which are admittedly, a classic staple of the genre. The problem with that is unless you’re the one with the backpack tank you have to be conservative. You’re running back to the pump to get more ammo, and that’s practically a kill zone, ripping you out of a hiding place, or ruining the imaginative part of the battle.

Zero Blaster recognized this problem, and took advantage of its own space-like design, by shooting vapor rings! The vapor rings are made using a water-based fluid, ensuring that your battle-ready children have as many shots as they need before having to occasionally refill. It’s more reliable than water or foam, and more fun with its alien design.

As a bonus you can use the rings to teach about air movement, pressure, and the laws of motion. The blaster uses a chamber in the front to create an area of low pressure, and the air flow surrounding the area forms a vortex. It moves outward because of the friction between the rotating vapor ring and the air outside.

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