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Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature’s Undead

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Okay, so there aren’t any real zombies going around, or any real threat of zombies potentially over-running the planet. I apologize in advance for ruining your dreams of gathering items for your ultimate zombie survival kit. However, that doesn’t mean that weird stuff doesn’t happen out in the wild that resembles zombies. In fact, we might not see it happening when we’re out in the world (unless you’re looking for it), but there are bugs that do all sorts of things out there that would give you more chills than your favorite zombie flick. Your kids are going to love this book.

Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature’s Undead covers some of these horrible things that bugs do to each other. Make no mistake, this book is gross, but if that’s the kind of stuff you and your kids are into, then Zombie Makers is going to be great fun. Imagine a hairworm crawling out of the carcass of a cricket after using its body, or larvae emerging from a dead caterpillar. In each case from the book, different kinds of bugs are acting as parasites, using the bodies of other bugs for their own goals. This often results in complete control of the host, and almost always ends in death. Viruses that take over control of a bug’s brain actually happens out there, maybe even in your backyard.

I don’t blame you if you throw up, or never want to leave your house again.

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