Zombie Air Shark Swimmer

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Zombie Shark Air Swimmer

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This is unlike any remote controlled anything you have ever seen! It’s not fast, but it is baaaaaad. It’s not a blimp. It’s not a plane. It’s a floating RC zombie shark air swimmer! Imagine the look on your sister’s face when this 57-inch long thing comes floating quietly into her room. Freak out!

The controller is pretty simple to use. One toggle-style button controls whether the zombie shark goes up or down. The other controls the direction it flies. A simple LED indicator shows whether the controller is powered on. And, with a 40-foot range, you can be hidden well out of sight when you let this thing out into the wilds of your home or cube farm.

Made from durable nylon, the zombie shark will stay inflated for several weeks, which is good since you have to supply your own helium – which most grocery stores have for their own balloons these days, so no worries. You will also need four AAA batteries to power beast and controller. Not bad for all of the excitement this beast is going to generate. But, don’t use it outside. Zombie shark is not durable enough to stand up to attacking dogs or terrified neighbors with crowbars and shovels.

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