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Zombie Snack Bib

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Over the last few years the nerd culture has been inundated with zombies. Everything from pet zombies, mutant vampire zombies, and even former presidents. Zombies are everywhere and now your infant can get in on the fun with the zombie snack bib.

The “zombie snack” bib has two meanings. The obvious one refers to inserting snacks by following the arrow. The other one universally identifies your baby as a snack for the rotting undead. Let’s go with option one and pretend your bundle of joy is actually an eating machine risen from the grave.

While we do not recommend feeding your perished cherub any brains, we think it would be fun to let her eat peas and reenact the scene from the Exorcist. Warning: Spinning your babies head around will result in permanent damage. Do not try at home.

Now if you could only make your baby grunt and moan instead of that high pitch screaming. If their first word is brains, we’ll send you a free bib on us.

Pro-tip: Yes, we are quite aware that Exorcist is not a zombie movie. So, to prove our worthiness of cult cinema, please enjoy this scene from Dead Alive.

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