Zombie-Themed Bedroom Ideas and Decor For Kids

We’ve found the best zombie-themed bedroom ideas and decor for kids no matter the age of your little one.

I love brains comforter

A few years ago, my then six-year-old daughter created the perfect summer-time concoction by mixing her red sidewalk chalk with the water from our kiddie pool. Her hair in tangles and her hands smeared with pink sludge, she stumbled toward me with a goofy, dumbfounded look. 

“What are you supposed to be?” I asked. 

“A zombie!” she shouted in her normal voice, before switching to a low rumble and moaning, “Braaaaaaaains!”

And there it began. Somehow, I had made my innocent little three-year-old into a brain-eating ghoul. 

Of course, it isn’t totally my fault. The zombie genre has come a long way since director George R. Romero invented the form with the 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead. Thanks to games like Plants vs. Zombies and movies like the Disney musical Z.O.M.B.I.E.S., the living dead have been resurrected into cute and cuddly kid-friendly monsters. 

Like most kids, my zombie-loving daughter wants to decorate her room with her favorite things. But, like most kids, her tastes change with every new trend. And while I love to make her happy, I don’t want to spend the money to give her room a Scooby-Doo theme this week, only to learn next week that Baby Yoda is her new favorite. 

But now that she’s nine, my daughter’s tastes are stabilizing. And because she still loves her slow-moving flesh-eaters, she’s getting a zombie-themed room. 

Now, just to be clear: there is a lot of zombie stuff out there, and while you can certainly find stuff to thrill a 9-year-old, not everything is appropriate for a young kid. These are still monsters we’re talking about, which means that a lot of material features gore, nudity, and other things you don’t want your kid staring at when they’re trying to go to sleep. 

zombies hanging out car peace

It’s important to take some time with your child before designing a room themed around any monster. Pay attention to both their thresholds and their interests, so you can be sure of what they like about the characters and what they can handle. In my daughter’s case, she thinks it’s funny to hear a zombie beg for brains, but she gets woozy at even the thought of blood. For that reason, I’m emphasizing the sillier side of zombies, looking for brains and bodies made of felt instead of flesh. 

If your kid is in middle school or older, and can handle an episode of The Walking Dead or even maybe the classic Romero zombie movies, you might be able to get a bit more extreme. But this list is designed for a younger child, who wants a little spooky fun, not full-on trauma. 

So if your kid has a bit of a scary side and wants to fill their room with the armies of the undead, here’s a way you can decorate their living space, without being kept up at night!

Good for the Gamer 🎮

Many children get introduced to zombies through video games like Minecraft or Plants vs. Zombies. These games can be empowering to kids because while they introduce children to scary monsters, they also show kids that the monsters can be defeated. When a child sees video game zombies around their rooms, they get reminders that they can overcome the challenges they face.

zombie apocalypse decorative pillow

Zombie Apocalypse Decorative Pillow

What better way for your child to lay their head and rest than a reminder of all the victories they’ve already had over the living dead?

minecraft zombie decorative pillow cover

Minecraft Zombie Decorative Pillow Cover

If your child is anything like mine, a lot of their waking hours are spent imagining the zombies they’ve dispatched with a pickaxe. Why not let them take those thoughts into their dreams?

minecraft zombie plush toy

Minecraft Zombie Plush Toy

The perfect toy for a young zombie lover, this plush toy has the gross green slime that they want in a monster, but can still be squeezed tightly when things get a little too scary.

plants vs. zombie bed set

Plants vs. Zombie Bed Set

The extremely popular video game series Plants vs. Zombies is based on a simple premise, in which a homeowner uses the plants in their yard to ward off zombie hordes. This bed set covers kids with warm feelings while letting them remember their pixelated adventures.

plants vs. zombies plush toys

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Toys

For kids, part of the appeal of Plants vs. Zombies is the way it makes the walking dead into lovable goofs. These plush toys capture the monsters at their zaniest.

Funny Flesh-Eaters 🧟

When you sit down and think about it, most monsters are pretty silly. Not only do they not make any sense (how does a rotting corpse stay together well enough to move around?), but they often look kind of goofy in the light of day. For years, cartoonists and humorists have been making jokes about monsters, which can appeal to kids of all ages.

too many zombies print

Too Many Zombies Print

In the movies, few things are more terrifying than a zombie horde, which swarm and overwhelm their prey with their single-minded focus. But even though this print has images of a human under attack, the artist’s likable lines and expressive character work make the whole thing feel light and silly.

zombie street sign

Zombie Street Sign

With expressive artwork and a cute zombie boy, this sign not only brightens up any child’s horror cave, but it also gives warning to any unsuspecting parent who comes in when their kids are playing like their favorite monsters.

see/hear/speak no evil sitters

See/Hear/Speak No Evil Sitters

Yes, these are pretty gnarly-looking zombies. But by putting the creatures into a familiar pose, usually performed by a bunch of monkeys, this decoration strikes the perfect balance of scary and funny.

zombie robot plush

Zombie Robot Plush

Fundamentally, there’s something sympathetic about a zombie. After all, these are people who have come back to life in their rotting bodies to roam the earth again. With its sad drooping eye and exposed heart, this robot plush will spur more empathy than repulsion, helping your child learn how to show compassion to even those who might be scary.

zombie print blanket

Zombie Print Blanket

While no child wants to wake up to zombies reaching out through the darkness, this blanket might change their minds. Look at those big eyes! Look at those chubby cheeks! Every kid will love snuggling up with monsters like that.

zombie cartoon bed set

Zombie Cartoon Bed Set

Look, zombies tend to be gooey and gross, and there’s no getting around it. After all, they are reanimated corpses who munch on people. There are bound to be some drippy bits involved. But this blanket renders that viscera with bold lines and bright colors, letting kids dip their toes into the gnarlier side of zombies without getting too overwhelmed.

Zombie Fun for Big Kids 🧟‍♀️

These things might fine for a younger child, but what if your kid watches The Walking Dead every night, has strong opinions about fast zombies and slow zombies, and re-kills the undead dead all the time in Call of Duty? Does that mean that they don’t get a cool room?

Not at all! There are plenty of products available to fill the room for a child old enough to get into the nastier stuff (but still young enough to want their parents to help theme the room).

scary duvet set

Scary Duvet Set

Believe it or not, some people find horror comforting, even bloody and dark horror. There’s something confidence-building about getting to see your fears on the screen and knowing that they can be defeated. And really, what’s more comforting than a duvet set? Not even the grossest image can take away its warm softness.

zombie and wolf resin figure

Zombie and Wolf Resin Figure

Believe it or not, some people find horror comforting, even bloody and dark horror. There’s something confidence-building about getting to see your fears on the screen and knowing that they can be defeated. And really, what’s more comforting than a duvet set? Not even the grossest image can take away its warm softness.

zombie skull lampshade

Zombie Skull Lampshade

Here it is, the only thing that’s less scary when the lights are out. It’s the perfect accessory for a middle-schooler or teen who’s into monsters but still wants the ability to make them go away. 

zombie mouth light switch cover

Zombie Mouth Light Switch Cover

Half of the fun of being a monster fan is getting disgusted looks from friends and family. And that’s sure to happen when an unsuspecting victim reaches for the light switch only to find their hand in a flesh eater’s maw. Equally revolting and ridiculous, this light switch cover is perfect for a prankish horror fan.

zombie hand book stops

Zombie Hand Book Stops

If your child’s love of the macabre comes more from the page than it does from the screen, then this is the decoration for them. With a set of ghoulish arms sprouting to the grave, this book stop can hold up your kid’s favorite volume of horror novels as easily as it reaches for the ankles of some poor unfortunate soul.


  • My 4 year old is OBSESSED with Halloween & Zombies. He is fearless & could totally deal with a walking dead themed room. I’m fact, he’d love it. My concern is other children being frightened by it. So I have decided to go the Plants vs Zombies route & was actually brought to this page because of the bedding in the top photo. Where can I find it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Signed, the mother of the cooky, creepy kids.