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Zombies and Forces and Motion

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One of the best ways to teach your children complex principles for their age, is to find products that design the learning process around fun. If the product is good enough, your kids will learn all about the subject, without realizing it. That’s the goal behind Mark Weakland’s Zombies and Forces and Motion, a children’s book written in graphic novel format that takes the ever-popular zombie trope, and applies real-life physics principles to how zombies would work (if they were real).

Weakland writes much in the same form that recent authors have been using when taking classic works of fiction and adding zombies, vampires, and kraken to them. It’s an effective premise to use, especially for teaching children, because while many principles of motion and force are covered in the book, it is always using the cartoony style and humor of zombies to lighten the learning load on your kids. Your kids will read this book much like a comic, enjoying each scene, as it describes zombies shambling about, clutching onto moving vehicles, and explaining how each of these actions has a place in the scientific world.

Pick up Zombies and Forces and Motion if you’re looking for an alternative approach to teaching your kids about Newton’s three laws. It won’t scare them off, I promise.

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