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Zoom LED Nightlight

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Every kid wants to be an astronaut. Something about the stars and space and the thought of floating weightless just fills them with glee. This neat little lamp/nightlight/toy is an excellent way to send them off to the stars of their dreams.

The lamp itself is of course shaped like a shuttle. It sits on a charging station and, should it be removed, it automatically turns on with a nice, soothing red LED. Meaning that the light will stay cool so little hands can play with it and swoosh the rocket through the air without getting burned fingers. The LED will stay on for eight hours, so whenever they go to bed you can take the shuttle off the stand and it will gently glow while they drift off to sleep and fantasies of space. In the morning, just pop it back on the charger and it’ll be good to go.

An interesting feature is that the charging base itself also doubles as a nightlight, so if your nerdling spent too much time playing with the rocket during the day, the base can be turned on and used in a pinch. There are no exposed electronics on the charge station, so it should be safe for even the most curious of astronauts.

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