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Zubels Ricky Rotten Monkey

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The other day I dressed up my cat like a Jedi because I was bored, and needless to say, it was really funny. Afterward, it got me thinking a lot harder on something that shouldn’t have prompted such deep contemplation: despite my cat not understanding pretty much anything, would he have laughed at being a George Lucas-created character; or would he have preferred being dressed up as Captain Kirk? Hmmm. As questions like these are a bit silly to pose, who’s to say that animals can’t dress up and fashion themselves after the things they like?

Punk rock monkey Rickey “Rotten” Banana is a punk rock fanatic, and even though monkeys are normally accepted without clothes, he defies the typical by fashioning his love for old school English punk in a way that even humans can’t get right. His blue mohawk, bomber jacket, and red and black striped pants are the perfect compliment to his don’t-give-a-peel attitude, and rebellious monkey nature. This 7-inch knit rattle, with his completely organic, brightly colored garb, is always ready to rock and jam until the wee hours of the morning. Not to promote little baby punks who need to keep a healthy sleep schedule, but if they feel like rockin’ out with the coolest little monkey in town, then perhaps rebellion at a sweet and tender age might be something to consider if you don’t want your car getting stolen when they’re bratty, teenage punks in the future. Just something to think about.

Do you want to dance like a monkey too?

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