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Zubels Roxanne Pink Guitar Rattle

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Rattles serve two purposes: shaking and chewing. Shaking a rattle is often a child’s first musical expression, and what better way to help them express themselves than to give a guitar rattle? This pink, eco-friendly guitar-shaped rattle will amuse your child with its jingle and soothe with its soft, knitted exterior. Hopefully it will not be the last time your child will play the guitar with her teeth.

“Tuning peg, fretboard, bridge, tone controls,” you can say to your baby, and teach her the ever-important anatomy of a guitar. These terms will be more relevant than the names of farm animals and their concomitant sounds. Your rocker’s little fingers can learn how to grip the fretboard and strum along the strings. As she gets older, you’ll find yourself introducing larger and more realistic guitars until she’s big enough to play yours.

A love of music is natural to babies. As a parent, the earlier you promote musical ability, the more your child will gravitate toward music. Avoid an adolescence of hearing Twinkle Twinkle on the recorder by introducing the guitar early, so early that it becomes an extension of the baby; her transitional object that helps her learn her individual nature.

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