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zzzZipMe Sack Fuzzy Black Puppytooth

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Not to offend anyone who might own a Snuggie, but really, those things are ridiculous and lame. They’re like those weird products devised by the As Seen on TV channel for the overly lazy American who doesn’t like to wear clothes because it’s too much of an effort to get dressed and the pockets on their pants don’t hold as much Cheetos as their Snuggie pockets do. It’s downright scary if you think about it, and solidifies the fact that, indeed, the terrorists have won.

Even with the variety of Snuggies available—like leopard print Snuggies, zebra print, camouflage, Italian Princess, Groom and Bride Snuggie, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” Snuggie, purple, Superman, Republican Snuggie, Bachelor Snuggie, and my personal favorite, “The more men I see, the more I like dogs” Snuggie—adults walking around in blankets is what mental institutions were made for. And for groups of adults hanging out in blankets having casual conversations about the weather and sports is even more insane. But for a baby to wear a blanket as clothes, that’s a completely different story (and also downright adorable).

The zzzZipMe Sack is a wearable baby blanket that weebles up to 28 inches can rock and roll around in without feeling bizarre. Made from plushy fabric with a soft satin trim and a 2-way zipper that opens from top to bottom, the zzzZip Me Sack is an award-winning, 100% polyester holding device useful for when a baby is transitioning from swaddling clothes to actual clothes. So adults, take notice. If little beings 800 years younger than yourself can successfully wean themselves off of blankets as an everyday outfit, you can too.

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